Innovation is increasingly recognized as a powerful driver of growth, differentiation and success. However, the desire to innovate often comes up against the harsh reality of the difficulty of managing what seems at first sight unmanageable. How to give birth to ideas of innovation? How to arouse vocations without frustrating inventors when funding all proposed development projects is not an option? What should be patented or protected ? Is it better to develop internally or externally? Who to associate? What return on what investment? These are the questions that MJB International Consulting will help you to answer.

Reference case

In 2010, within a large engineering group, an innovative process for generating renewable electricity was devised and the concept regularly gave rise to illustrated presentations of images with attractive graphics. Engineering alone, however, was not a sufficient ecosystem for this invention to develop and find its market. The transformation of this beautiful idea into a product required the choice of relevant partners to define the potential market, to develop the prototypes as well as a close collaboration with the legal service for the protection of the invention. Transmission towers using this patented process are now ordered or being installed in several countries (Madagascar, Philippines ...). Dream was turned to reality.