Value Management or « Value » creates sustainable value by tailoring the design to the true need of the client and optimizing the implementation. The efficiency of the method very often leads to 20 % or more improvement as compared to the original budget/design and benefit usually represents between 20 and 50 times its cost.


Lean Management or «Lean» improves performance by mobilizing all employees to eliminate risks and causes of waste, whether time waste (downtime, duplicates, …), money waste (excessive stocks, …) or loss of quality.


Satisfying the true expectations of the customer is a common point between these two approaches that complement each other in Lean Value Construction©.


Benefits :

The "Value" top-down approach first optimizes the design and later the choice of solutions to implementation problems. The "Lean" bottom-up approach optimizes implementation and highlights opportunities for more reliable processes by changing some design elements.


The interaction between these two approaches leads to a superior efficiency when compared to the "Value" and "Lean" methodologies implemented independently.