The best strategy, the most relevant and best negotiated acquisitions, the most motivated staff will not lead to success if the organization of the company is not structured so as to give everyone a clear area of responsibility with interfaces leading to the right decisions. Experience shows that many organizations in which each stakeholder optimizes local operations do not perform well for lack of a structure adapted to the company's strategy. In the same way, the success of an acquisition is particularly due to the integration process and the organization put in place. MJB International Consulting will assist you in defining the organization that promotes performance.

Reference case

In this large group, a certain number of airports whose contracts had been obtained thanks to the technical excellence of the engineering subsidiary for some of them and thanks to the know-how in financing and setting up projects for the others, were managed by different subsidiaries in a scattered order. Considering that the combination of these complementary know-how could, within a coherent organization, confer a key competitive advantage, a single subsidiary operating all the airports was created.

In five years the number of managed airports has increased from 11 to 17 and the number of passengers multiplied by more than 2.5.