Efficiency in the use of resources and the management of interfaces with the company's stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, public authorities) does not guarantee the success of the company, even if it is a fundamental element. In other words: the "how" cannot be conceived without the "why". The strategy must therefore be clear, correspond to a vision that is shared and exciting. Choices concerning the economic model, the value creation, the targeted market, the economic objectives must be understood. When shared by the different actors this strategy will give sense to the each single action within the entity.


"Sense-Check" is our methodological approach with a format that adapts to the specificities of the company. It confirms, complements or elaborates the corporate strategy and then shares it with the main managers. Specific actions required for the strategy will be spelled out and we will be able to assist you for their implementation.



Corporate Strategy: "A coherent set of choices and actions to take in order to achieve a certain vision of the company and create sustainable economic value in a given market context"



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